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2015 Los Amigos drive to Mazatlán, Mx

Henri 2015 Los Amigos drive to Mazatlan, MXGiving it forward. This is 2nd trip where Rotary Club of Calgary Fish Creek, the little club that can partners up with Rotary Club of Lethbridge Sunrise to take Fire Trucks and Ambulances that have exhausted their useful life here in Canada and give them an extended life by bringing them to Mexico, donate them to communities in need so the life of this valuable equipment is extended.

And what a joy in the comradery experience on the way down to Mazatlán, Mx. It takes us one (1) week to drive them down and then approximately one (1) week to go to the needy communities and donate them. Of course we let them know in many ways where they come from and as a result they are very loving of the Canadian connection; they do love Canada and the many wonderful Canadian with their strong values.

As I write this we are in the process of organizing for our 2016 trip.

If you would like to contribute towards our many projects whether they are international, local community based, we welcome your enquiry. We will pass on your contact info to the right individuals to help make it happen for you whether you wish to contribute, participate of perhaps are wanting to join our Rotary Club of Calgary Fish Creek. We are very welcoming of new members to help our like minded small group of individuals who are constantly looking at community issues (Local and international) that we feel able to take on and make a positive difference.

Make it a Great Day! the little club that can would want you to enjoy life to its fullest every day and consider sharing with others.

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