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LOYALTY does not pay at MORTGAGE RENEWAL time


    LOYALTY does not pay at Mortgage RENEWAL time. Most clients I have spoken with over the last year have all shown me clearly Loyalty does not pay at Mortgage RENEWAL time. Most lenders use the lost leader approach to entice you in the door (become their client) but …

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How to build a Canadian Credit rating and why


We are seeing a lot of people all over the world immigrating to Canada to improve their lives, their families lives and to enrich our Canadian lives by contributing to our society in a big way. Unfortunately most immigrants find out the hard way that they need to build up …

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How to manage your credit score


When you apply for a mortgage or credit card, your lenders tend to check your credit rating. By doing this, they determine whether you pose any amount of risk to them. A bad credit score can seriously dent your credit prospects in the future. Similarly, a good and well-managed credit …

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Mortgage payments stressing you?


Here are a few little mortgage secrets for you. All your debt can be included in your mortgage! Lower rates are available and you can break out of mortgages now! You can get different features with your mortgage which will allow you to pay the mortgage off sooner and or …

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Help yourself by supporting Mortgage Brokers!


Some of the Banks would love it if there were no Calgary Mortgage Brokers around as it would drop the amount of competition they are experiencing by having these Calgary Mortgage Brokers providing a variety of lenders that clients can go to. They would love to have total control like …

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TIPS when buying, selling, investing in or refinancing a Condominium Unit!


When considering buying, selling, investing in or refinancing a Condominium Unit, it is important that you know as much as possible about the management financial condition and physical condition and overall health of the Condominium Corporation. In recent news reports there are numerous stories about poor construction on Condominium sites …

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Is the stringent mortgage rule too harsh on the first time home buyers in Canada?


The recent changes in the federal rule of tightening the mortgage lending, make it difficult for the first time buyers in Canada to qualify for a mortgage. However, the brokers opine that the policy-makers are required to address the needs of their industry. According to Will Dunning, the Canadian Association …

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The 5 C’s of Credit When Applying for a Loan


A common evaluation framework is using characteristics of the borrower so they can gauge the chance of default. The Five C’s of Credit used are capacity, capital, collateral, conditions and character. Capacity (ability to pay) it refers to your ability to succeed in making the loan payments. The lenders want …

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Henri Simoneau story and prepositioning offer

Henri Simoneau, AMP

You may know me from the many years I spent in the Oil and Gas Industry; starting in Rainbow Lake in the mid 70s as Processing Plant Operator with Aquitaine to Process Foreman in Grande Prairie with Imperial Oil (Sulpetro) at the Wapiti Gas Plant to becoming a Regulator in …

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