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2011, My 1st trip to Mexico to build a house for the needy

Group photo w familyIn 2011 I had the opportunity to travel to Mexico with a group of other Rotarians from my club to build a home for a needy family. For me I saw the opportunity to do something special with my older Grand Kids and as I wanted a bonding with Grandpa experience I started with one Grand child at a time. This proved to be exceptional and I felt guilty in a way as I thought I was getting more from the experience than my Grand Child. This proved inaccurate in my thinking. There is no comparison from the experiences we have in life. We as individuals take what we chose to take from every experience. It is a choice to make at the time of every experience and events occurring in our lives.

2011 was the start of something that I would start doing every year with every grand child as they get to a certain age.  At this point I have chosen 15 years old as the threshold, this may vary from year to year as per the maturity of the grand child.

I am hooked; I must do this with every grand child of mine. I look forward every year to do this trip.

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