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Help yourself by supporting Mortgage Brokers!

MoneySome of the Banks would love it if there were no Calgary Mortgage Brokers around as it would drop the amount of competition they are experiencing by having these Calgary Mortgage Brokers providing a variety of lenders that clients can go to. They would love to have total control like they used to prior to Calgary Mortgage Brokers coming in the market place.

I do not know how many times the last 6 months I have been told that once clients mentioned they were working with a Calgary Mortgage Broker the banks suddenly found a way to lower the rates the banks had offered dramatically. Wow! How much clearer would you like it?

Of course Mortgage Brokers love to place your business where it is the best fit for you including the banks with the exception of RBC, BMO and CIBC as they would love to have the market place to themselves by not supporting Mortgage Brokers. That would explain the aggressive nature of advertising etc from RBC, BMO and CIBC. First Line, the Mortgage Broker leg of CIBC closed their door in 2012 to the Mortgage Broker leg of their business laying off a lot of supporting staff knowing that they may in their assumption convert 30% into CIBC mortgages. The Banks (RBC, BMO, CIBC) seem to think they own you if you deal with them and the banks make it hard for Mortgage Brokers to access them. That is right they try to make it miserable to work with them. Should they not be thinking on WHAT IS BEST FOR THE CLIENTS? Obviously that does not run as a top priority in their books of business. Does that mean they see you as a dollar bill?

Support Calgary Mortgage Brokers and you are supporting yourself as you are ensuring Banks (RBC, BMO, CIBC) have competition when it comes to mortgages.

Here are the banks who work with Calgary Mortgage Brokers: TD, ING, SCOTIABANK, CWB, ICICI, NB, ATB, HSBC, B2B bank and Credit Unions: SERVUS AB, CHINOOK CREDIT UNION,

Ensure the banks are competing for your business by supporting your Mortgage Brokers.

Make sure you are with a Mortgage Broker for life who will do whatever it takes creatively to get the best financial product for you providing of course it is morally legal and agrees with strong core values.

You can check with AMBA or CAAMP and read ETHICS FOR Mortgage Brokers have to follow in order to be able to stay in the Calgary Mortgage BROKER business.



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