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Henri Simoneau story and prepositioning offer

Henri Simoneau, AMP
Henri Simoneau, AMP

You may know me from the many years I spent in the Oil and Gas Industry; starting in Rainbow Lake in the mid 70s as Processing Plant Operator with Aquitaine to Process Foreman in Grande Prairie with Imperial Oil (Sulpetro) at the Wapiti Gas Plant to becoming a Regulator in Calgary with National Energy Board as Operations Technical Specialist.

I have been a Mortgage Associate (Broker) since 2009 and a real estate investor since the mid 1990s.  I became a mortgage professional when efforts to grow my own portfolio were challenged by conventional lenders and the desire to fully understand the financing side of the business.

Not having the desired success in stock market; and real estate being a preferred choice of investments by the people with money, I set out to find out how to invest in this preferred investment vehicle by the people who have lots of money.

With the experience of going through buying, renting and consequently selling my Manitoba properties I came back to Alberta to relook at the Alberta real estate market. I got better educated and joined organizations such as Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) to stay educated and sort out between the right news to use and the noise to avoid. With 6+ investment Alberta properties in my own name, I saw the connection.

In addition to my long-term buy-and-hold revenue properties, I also participate in buys-and-sells property into markets experiencing considerable capital appreciation.

As an Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP), I have access to a large number of lenders including banks and credit unions and their many products.  As an investor, I really do know how they work and the merger means I am in an even-better position to help my clients find more creative ways to finance their real estate purchases.

“You can bet that experience goes to help because it is not only a mortgage; it is your mortgage.” and it is your financial wellbeing

The one thing that won’t change with experience and the changing market place is my focus on my purpose in life; “I like to keep life simple; I like to Significantly Impact Many People’s Lives Everyday in a positive way!”

I love to help people and families wake up feeling right at home!

Would you like me to be your 2nd opinion, or your silent partner so you are not at the sole discretion of your bank? Would it not be better if the lenders were to compete for your business instead of the other way around?

Complete the following pre-positioning form so we can better serve you for your greater good financially.

Your information will be kept confidential.  *PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL*


Please fill out the information below and return it to us via email henri@mortgage-clinic.com or print and fax to us at: 1-877-732-7505 (toll free)




Do you own your residence?


Mortgage outstanding (approx):

LOC: $

Monthly Mortgage Payments: $

Monthly Property Taxes: $

Do you own Rental Property:

Market Value of current Portfolio: $

Total monthly amount of mortgage payments on Rental Portfolio: $

Gross Monthly Rental Income: $

Total household income: $

Total RSP: $

Non RSP Liquid Investments: $

Monthly Credit Card Balance: $

Monthly Payments: $

About Henri Simoneau

Henri Simoneau

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