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LOYALTY does not pay at MORTGAGE RENEWAL time




LOYALTY does not pay at Mortgage RENEWAL time. Most clients I have spoken with over the last year have all shown me clearly Loyalty does not pay at Mortgage RENEWAL time. Most lenders use the lost leader approach to entice you in the door (become their client) but when it comes to renewal time they no longer offer you the best rates and features. That is right, they offer you the posted rate or slightly better hoping perhaps you may not know the difference. Do they think you do not know any better or does their research tell them that most people only look at posted and advertised rates to compare and the amount of mortgage payment and how it fits within their budgets.


Lender’s loan officers are paid by wages and bonuses at the end of the year if they meet their quota which may include things like get an additional ¼ or ½ % from their clients or interest rate average they were successful in achieving higher than the year before.

Mortgage Brokers / Associates get paid on PERFORMANCE! This means if they are successful in getting your mortgage satisfactory to you they get paid.

Look around you at all the people you do business with; how many is there that you would prefer they got paid for PERFORMANCE.

If a waitress / waiter gives you excellent service; you are inclined to reward her / him with a higher gratuity, right? PAY FOR PERFORMANCE

Be prepared with your mortgage and complete form below so you have a silent partner or second opinion of someone who will make sure the lenders compete for your business, that is get paid for PERFORMANCE.



Please fill out the information below and return it to us via email henri@mortgage-clinic.com or print and fax to us at: 1-877-732-7505 (toll free)




Do you own your residence?


Mortgage outstanding (approx):

LOC: $

Monthly Mortgage Payments: $

Monthly Property Taxes: $

Do you own Rental Property:

Market Value of current Portfolio: $

Total monthly amount of mortgage payments on Rental Portfolio: $

Gross Monthly Rental Income: $

Total household income: $

Total RSP: $

Non RSP Liquid Investments: $

Monthly Credit Card Balance: $

Monthly Payments: $

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