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Mortgage payments stressing you?

pay-mortgage-earlyHere are a few little mortgage secrets for you.

All your debt can be included in your mortgage!

Lower rates are available and you can break out of mortgages now!

You can get different features with your mortgage which will allow you to pay the mortgage off sooner and or make it tax deductible.

Combine your debts such as credit card debts and car loans into your mortgage and lower your payments and your interest rate. Often mortgage payment does NOT increase. We may even be able to take out a bit of money for home renovations or investments.

What has your bank told you lately? Have they recommended you look at your mortgage and finances so you can lower some of your costs. I bet they have not!

You always have to negotiate with banks; Do not forget that! on all your renewals.

Chose to go to a mortgage broker early at least 3 to 6 months before your mortgage is due to renew so you have negotiating advantage.

Second opinions are always a good idea. This way you can keep your bank honest at least and force them to give you better rates.

Would you not prefer a long term relationship with someone whose only advantage is to serve you long term. Banks change staff every few years so you need to start over again with someone new often! Our clients don’t have to negotiate. We automatically give them the lowest wholesale rates. We always look for the best solutions for you and your financial needs. It is your best interest.

You can immediately take advantage of the current lower interest rates that we offer; let’s look at how we can break you out of your present mortgage arrangement.

Call us now for a FREE mortgage evaluation.

Let a mortgage broker, who has access to over 50 different lenders shop the market for you.

Let the lenders compete for your business and not the other way around.

We have options that include increasing your payment (to pay down more principle), or lump sum payments that can be made along with any normal payment. We can show you how this will drastically decrease the time left on your mortgage.

Would you like Henri to be your 2nd opinion, or your silent partner so you are not at the sole discretion of your bank?

Would you like the banks, lenders to compete for your business instead?


If yes; please complete the information below:

Your information will be kept confidential.  *PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL*


Please fill out the information below and return it to us via email henri@mortgage-clinic.com or print and fax to us at: 1-877-732-7505 (toll free)




Do you own your residence?


Mortgage outstanding (approx):

LOC: $

Monthly Mortgage Payments: $

Monthly Property Taxes: $

Do you own Rental Property:

Market Value of current Portfolio: $

Total monthly amount of mortgage payments on Rental Portfolio: $

Gross Monthly Rental Income: $

Total household income: $

Total RSP: $

Non RSP Liquid Investments: $

Monthly Credit Card Balance: $

Monthly Payments: $

Thank You for your consideration to give us the opportunity to earn your business

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